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ResQCPR System End User Survey - OKC and Tulsa Metro Agencies Monday, September 28th, 2015

Medical Control Board’s mission is to continuously improve the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa’s EMS system, and to educate and train system providers to ensure excellence in out-of-hospital emergency medical care.

More than 530 paramedics and emergency responders who serve the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa are on the front lines of emergency medical care and treatment every day. Each year they respond to more than 194,000 calls for life-threatening incidents.

Our organization establishes medical directives to ensure patients receive the best possible care. The actions of the EMS  providers can mean the difference between life and death. Our protocols and training are on the forefront of medical science, and ensure our region has life support personnel with the most extensive training to offer Oklahomans the best chances for survival.


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